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Why not come along to our weekly singing classes?  Each class runs from 7.30pm until 9.30pm in the small hall of the Glens and Kirriemuir Old Parish Church on Tuesdays throughout the year. We run 4 terms per year, each with approximately 9 weeks, depending on dates of other events and workshops 

Our current regular tutors are Amy Lord and Ali Roberts, and we also have occasional guest tutors for extended evening classes (please see our Workshop page for more details).

Classes cover a range of aspects including learning new material, working on harmonies, arranging songs and working material up to “performance standard” so that we can take them out into the local community.  We also take time to learn about the songs and understand the background to them, and we stop for a cuppy and chat at half-time! 

More details about upcoming classes can be found in the News section.

The social aspect and friendship that exists among members of the group is an important aspect of Angus Folk and we’re always looking to recruit new folks… (especially men!!).

Please see our recruiting song for full details! 

Angus Folk Recruiting Song

Written by: Kathleen Dear

Tune: ‘The Road and the Miles to Dundee’

Cauld winter was howlin’ o’er moor and o’er mountain
There was nocht on the tele that I wanted tae see
So I got in my car an’ I headed for Kirrie
An’ I joined Angus Folk; well, the first class was free!

They meet ilka Tuesday in the Airlie in Kirrie
Twa hoors o’ singing, an’ a wee cup o’ tea
They come frae a’ ower the coonty o’ Angus
And some even come a’ the road frae Dundee

They stand in a circle and mak’ funny noises
Like ‘Kitty-Kit-Cat’ and a ‘Ma-May-Maw-Mee’
But this is just practice tae warm up their voices
For they’re real bonny singers I’m sure you’ll agree

They sing mony sangs frae a’ round the world
That tell aboot people, the land and the sea
Sangs that are bonny, and happy and joyful
And sangs that are shure tae bring tears tae yer ‘ee

They’re aye lookin’ for mair folk tae join in the singin’
There’s fun and there’s freenship and great harmony
So dinna be sweir tae come up tae Kirrie
An’ join Angus Folk - ye’ll be welcomed like me.



Glens and Kirriemuir Old Parish Church

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